A rainy day afternoon at home...

No work for me today or for the rest of the week as a matter of fact...

The antiques store I work for is in the process of changing hands and my days have been reduced from 3 a week to one day a week.....no matter though as I have more work lined up in the short term and I have been told that my days will be likely to increase again in the near future....

As I said...no matter as it is giving me some well earned "me" time to do whatever I want!!!....Well that's easier said than done in view of the nasty weather we have been experiencing for the last few days...

There is little that I can do pottering around the house (would love to get suck into the garden...or some more painting but this weather is only good for ducks...and this little black duck ain't gunna garden out in the pouring rain...lol)

....so guess what I did this afternoon????

Yep...you'll never believe it....I actually got some crafting done!!!...I know ...I hear ya Jackie...you had best sit down before you fall down!!!....it's definitely been a while hasn't it?

Anyways nothing too exciting....just decided to make up a few pinkeeps (baby steps at this stage as I will seriously HAVE to ease myself back into it...hee hee) and while I was at it I threw together a couple of little laundry gatherings.

I will be listing all of these for sale on my websites over the next few days...

I love the little boot one !
Yeah yeah...shock horror I hear y'all say...youno I can' resist
a cute little antique boot!

Laundry Gatherings...

The cute little "star soap" ditty bags were purchased from
Olde Time Gatherings in the USA...too cute. I simply popped with them some antique timber pegs and a piece of antique lye soap.

Well that's it for my day....wet, cold but above all most enjoyable. I am hoping to actually get stuck into a sewing project tomorrow....woohoo!!!!

Thanks for allowing me to share...

Until next time...... Chris x

Added Note: 22nd July 2011
I have just ducked in and finally updated the shelves for my two selling blogs...Countin' Crows Primitives and Little House Primitives.  You will find the links to them both listed on the side bars at the top of the page...thanks x


  1. Yay, you did some crafting...!! Isnt this cold weather enough to just numb you to the bones...far out....keep warm and enjoy your days at home till you go back to working a few more days...xx

  2. Well Bless my cotton socks!!! Nice that you have some time to play and those Pin keeps are just gorgeous. Hope your sewing Machine doesn't die from shock when you finally pull it out.

  3. Hey Suze...Yeah yay to me (finally) and boy did it FEEL GOOD!!!. I'm off until next Wednesday now so I have a few other things on the agenda that I'd like to "whip up"...lol, so I'll see how it goes.

    Hiya Jackie...Thanks for that...yes I will have to EASE her into it gently won't I...lol
    I really enjoyed getting my hands "dirty" again yesterday...

    The only thing I havent missed (and I am sure you two ladies will relate to this) is the mess I manage to leave in my wake....oh well...guess I have more time to clean it up now dont I??
    Thanks for popping in girlies xxx

  4. Hey Chris, about time you had some me time....I mean you time. I'm dissappointed you aren't out in the garden....it's the best time...easy to pull out weeds, turn the dirt over and plant....I can see you now out there with your raincoat on pottering around...lol!! That's where I would like to be, it's so relaxing and destressing. Enjoy your days doing what you love. xxx

  5. Thanks Karen...couldn't agree with you more...my gardening excuse???....I don't own a raincoat...so there!...hee hee xxx

  6. Hi Chris,
    I just thought I'd pop by to say 'hi' and let you know the new items are lovely especially the gorgeous antique boot! Enjoy your days off and keep warm in this wet weather!! Barb x

  7. Thanks Barb...I'd have to say it's my favourite out of all of them as well.
    Normally I only collect "pairs" of boots...but if this one doesn't sell...well??? I may just have to pop it on my antique sewing machine...lol ...and yes Brrr it has been wet and cold! Thanks for stopping by xxx


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