CHRISTMAS BOOTIE...and a good start to the New Year!

A belated Happy New Year to you all. I know I am late but I have an excuse...we have been away...yipeeeee!
Firstly, I thought I would jump on the band wagon and show you a few of the lovely goodies I received from some of my Choccy Crow friends this Christmas. They all know me very well,  seem to know just what I like and each put alot of thought into the gifts that they each sent.

Each of the gifts have taken pride of place in my home and I am particulary enjoying the writings of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I can see that my Little House on the Prairie infatuation is about to take another turn ....from the DVD's to the books....look out hubby here comes another collection!!!!

Lansakes....(as Laura would say).....I have been very spoiled!.... and am very grateful to have such kind and thoughtful friends.

Well ....we kicked off 2010 with a trip away with my husbands race team down to sunny (NOT) Victoria., where they were competing in both the Australian and Victorian Microsprint Titles.

 Microsprints are a smaller version of the much bigger and more powerful sprintcars raced throughout Australia and the USA. They are much less expensive but are lots of fun.

We left home at 1am New Years morning after spending New Years Eve packing and readying the house for our departure. We drove right through the night and daybreak brought some unsightly weather as you will see by the pictures Jeff took through the front windscreen of the car...we could hardly see our friends travelling about 20 metres ahead of us.
We eventually arrived at our destination (Portland VIC) around 4pm the following afternoon....phew what a drive!
(view from out of our hotel window)

Here are some piccys of the racecars (all signwritten by my talented husband) and some of our professional looking team members (team shirts are all courtesy of my clevva man as well....what a legend!!).

A great weekend was enjoyed with some very dear friends (that's my honarary lil sis' standing by the car). Lots of laughs and fun was had by all, not to mention that the team brought home BOTH the Australian and Victorian title trophies!!...woooohoooo!

Having such a lovely break (despite travelling over 2600 klms in the space of 4 days) made me realise how long it has been since Jeff and I downed tools and let our hair down and just flat out enjoyed ourselves.

This being said I have made a conscious decision to make 2010 a year where I spend some much needed time on myself...yep...little old me. No more working 7 days a week and spending endless hours in front of the computer. I have vowed to take lots of walks (the dog will love me), visit my neice much more often, actually spend some time shopping for clothes rather than ....just make a concerted effort to get out of the house a bit more. I have even gone as far as booking in to get my nails done (something I havent done in about 4 years!!!)

Life is too look out world.....I'm back and here I come!!!!

Till next time .........
Chris x


  1. Depends on how much you like LHOTP

    I have a few Original Photos of LIW and her Steamer trunk from Kansas, I am interisted in selling

  2. Thanks for the offer Dave, but I havent started a photo collection as yet....heaven help me!. I had best let my hubby get used to the idea that I want to start collecting the series of books

  3. Happy New year Chris...
    Wow, you were at Portland {only about 2 hours drive from me}..such a pretty place and how exciting the team won..CONGRATS to hubby, you and all the team!
    Good to hear you are going to have some 'me'time this year..that is exactly what i'd like to do too..but we'll
    Look forward to a great year though.
    luv Ann.xx

  4. Hey Ann
    A Happy New Year to you too!

    I would have LOVED to take the opportunity to visit some of my interstate friends whilst down that way however we were on a pretty tight schedule with the racing, so alas it wasn't to be.....shame!....maybe next time though xxx

  5. The goodies you recieved look wonderful! love the old prim little dress! The covers of the books are so GREAT!

  6. Hi Kitty
    Yes they are all wonderful...I was very spoiled indeed. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year over in your part of the world and experienced a little spoiling yourself xx


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