It's definitely a dogs life....

I have finally come to the realisation that the above is true....It really IS a dog's life....well it's true in the case of our

Meet our old gal Dusty, an 10 year old  Australian Chocolate Brown Kelpie (with ever increasing grey bits)

.....a fit , refined, working a well oiled piece of machinery...

Always on the go....

Follows my husband everywhere.....

Takes her duties as protector of our family very seriously.....

And the snoring...well all I can say is no self respecting criminal would come within 100 metres of our place when this gal is at work as the noise is truely frightening!!! I guess in that case she actually has the guard-dog bit kinda

And did I mention "alert"????...can hear a digital camera turn on from two rooms away (hence the open eyes in all of the pictures)...I was lucky enough to snap these BEFORE she up and ran away to hide behind the towel in the (bit camera shy....doesn't like the papparazzi attention in the

and as for the cat??????
...well she's kinda nuts too!!!

hmmmm...surely couldn't be from living with me could it???? lol.............

Chris x


  1. Well, they say the apple dosnt fall far from the tree

  2. They also say a lot of pets look like their parents and vice versa. So I can't see why they wouldn't start to act like their parents as well! So it's probably all your fault that they're as nuts as they are! lololol. Luv ya Chris. x


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