Like most of the general populous I seem to be lacking any type of motivation this time of year...and for those of you who know me well, you will know that this doesn't happen very often.

Unfortuately my lack of any form of "gusto" seems to have been hanging around since before Christmas!. Allow me to explain.....

My last market stall was held on the second weekend in December. As usual it was a mammoth production and I packed to the hilt. For some reason (only known to my subconscious) I have progressed from not only filling the ute to capacity but also roping in my ever patient husband (who most times comes in the early am to help me struggle to put up my shade gazebo) to filling his long wheelbase work van with all kinds of fabulous old junk and creations.

As you will see from the pictures above.... on this occasion I even dragged along an old decrepid (but fabulous) and extremely large cupboard. Not for sale mind you....simply for display purposes (see how my mind works!!!! god woman it's only a market stall after all!!!).
As per usual after the markets my stock was unpacked from our growing convoy of motor vehicles and popped into my craft shed in readiness to be put away. However...this time it did not happen and as of last Thursday had still not been done!!!

I "like toadally" place the blame on Christmas, the extreme hot weather we have been having and ...well...the fact that I just couldn't be bothered!

This sadly brings me to introduce you to a side of my life that I am not proud unorganised, messy  side...doesn't rear its ugly head too often but when it does is simply shocking!! So bad was I this time that I had even thought about just leaving it until my next markets (just kidding...thy're not until It actually took an order from a customer that included some wares that were still packed away to jog me into recognition that the dreaded job of upacking NEEDED to be done and quicksmart!!

So it was a trip to the dreaded shed of
('scuze the unmowed lawn)

It may look to you like any normal large old garden shed but what lurked inside was horrifying....
Though..... after about 2 days work, which I am proud to say also included a complete  stocktake...Wallah....beautiful...orgaisation!.
Normality again!....something that I really do need to keep on top of with the stock of two website based businesses to keep track of....not to mention all the oldwares and crafting supplies and necessary junk I have stashed in there that need to be kept in some form of order.
So I can happily say that peace and tranquility has been restored to the backyard shed at #56 for the time being.

Now if only I can draw on some of that motivation to get my spring cleaning done (yes I know it is summer ...but I am taking some time off so "spring has sprung" early this knows I have to get stuck into things...I havent even taken down the Chrissy decorations yet!!!

Hmmmm....whats that.....oh yeah my new Laura Ingalls Wider book...oh thats right I had started to read that hadn't I....oh well had best not leave another  job undone.....I'm off to read my book....whoever heard of spring cleaning in the heat of summer anyways???

Bye for now......
Chris x


  1. Well I'm glad to see you have been doing something apart from reading your book and lazing around! Seriously Chris, if it is as hot there as it is here then I can't blame you. Much easier to sit under the airconditioner and not move as moving causes sweat.....not lady like at all. Stay cool! J xx

  2. It's an absolute stinker Jackie (as was yesterday) and yes I have been doing something aside from laying in front of the air-con.....I've been eating

    As I said in my cant rush these things!xxx

  3. I have had the cleaning bug a little too... maybe it was in something we ate.
    I think air conditioning cures it, because since ours was installed the other day the urge has left!!

  4. By the way!
    Compared to my painting area, your shed pre-cleanup looked fantastic!!
    Your stall looks great too !

  5. Well done on the clean up, your shed looks great.
    Feeling a little more motivated now it has cooled down


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