Live , Love and Laugh ....

This week revealed the sad news of the loss of not one but three young lives within our social network...all of them taken too soon, too young and with so much life yet to experience.

Three separate events ....all three leaving devestated family and friends to grieve their loss while bravely trying to celebrate lives cut way too short.

This should be a reminder to us all not to take for granted those we love and to spend each day being grateful and enjoying to the fullest what we have been blessed, friends and good health.

So as they saying goes
LIVE .... life to the fullest....
LOVE .... and be kind to others
LAUGH .... much with family and friends

... as we never know when these simple pleasures could be taken away from us

Till next time..... Chris x


  1. So sorry that you all have to go through such a sad time.It's hard to lose anyone in your life but so much harder when their life has only just begun. You are right Chris, everyday is a gift and everyone in our lives is a Blessing both of which we shouldn't take for granted. Thank you for reminding us. J xx

  2. Jackie~ Thanks for the lovely comment..I can always count on you ...and you my friend are one of the blessings that I mentioned in my post and for that I am very grateful xxx

  3. Sorry to read about your sad news...
    you are right we all need to ...Live everyday to the fullest...Love till you can't love anymore...and Laugh until your jaw aches...for tomorrow is a gift .
    We are all guilty from time to time of taking everday and everyone dear to us for granted and that they will always be there.... you are such a beautiful lady and my thougts are with you....
    Jody V

  4. Sending you big hugs Chris, on hearing that sad news.
    I have lost family and friends in the past year, and yes it has brought home to me that same message you are sharing here. I do now remember to appreciate what I have with those around me. It's getting easier every day to tell some of them that I love them. Something I haven't always done. Everyone in our lives have come into them for a reason, and that's definitely worth being very grateful for.
    Much love to you. x

  5. Jody and Pam ~ Thanks so much to both of you for your lovely words. I know I will definitely be making more of an effort to do more of the things that matter this year, after all the mundane chores will always be there the next day...and the day after that won't they.

    Big hugs
    Chris xxx

  6. Oh Chris, I'm sorry for your sadness, the other girls have all said what I would like to say all wrapped in a big tight hug. You are a very very special person & my thoughts & prayers are with you.
    Love & hugs to you
    Robyn xxxx


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