Girls Night In....

My hubby and brother had both decided to go to the Speedway on Friday night to watch the World Series Sprintcars....not wanting to join them it presented a perfect oppportunity for a girls night in!!!
So...that's exactly what we did....myself, my sister in-law and my gorgeous little neice, "CJ" !
So off I headed to my brothers house but not without first remembering to pack my digital camera. I always get a lovely reception from Charlotte when I arrive and this time I was determined to catch it on camera, so as to pop the pictures in my "memory book" along with all of my other precious photos.
So armed with my new digital camera (gift from hubbny for Christmas) I walked in and started snapping (hence the not so centred

As you will see from the following I wasn't to be dissappointed ...
Oh how my heart swells when I see this little one smile!!.......There's nothing quite like the excited greeting from a precious little one to make you feel that all is right in the world.
Gone are all of the stresses of the previous week...faded away instantly and replaced by the most warm and fuzzy feeling one could imagine...purely because this little human being is so genuinely happy to see you....You..her Aunty Chris.....right at that one very moment is the most important thing in her little world!....she has instantly forgotten the toy she was playing with or chasing the cat around the family room and is solely focused on displaying her joy like only a child un-inhibited and honestly.....just a pure delight for me to experience I can tell you!

All most as touching as that is the pleasure shown in the faces of my brother and "sis" as I watch them watching all of this play out in front of them. I am so thankful that they include and encourage Jeff and I to be so much a part of this sweet little person's life!

Well I can tell you the night started off well and continued the same way. My brother soon left for the Speedway and then it was down to serious "girl's business" with lots of cuddles, playing and giggles.

Soon bathtime came around  ......
and dinner was  popped in the oven....
Mmmmm...yummy Chicken Enchilada's-ala-Caz...

and once Charlotte was all snugglled up in bed Caz and I got down to a bit of crafting and began painting some large craftwood letters that will spell Charlotte's name.... to put up on the wall in her bedroom.
Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of our handywork, so I can't show you, but we are nowhere near finished as we did way too much talking in between brush strokes. (Not to mention stopping for ice cream and coffee breaks). We also need to get a few more paint colours to finish off our masterpiece and then need to decorate it with all of the little bits and pieces I bought to go on the that will have to be a picture for another post, I am afraid.
So there you have it...a perfect Girls night in....well for this girl anyways!!
Till next time...... Chris x


  1. Oh Chris, that sounds like a wonderful way to spend a night in! All that bonding with girlfriends/sils, makes me very envious. What a lucky one you are. To be a part of something so personal and close would, I imagine, be so lovely. xxxx

  2. p.s. Loving those two front teeth! She's just adorable. x

  3. Pam ~ It is wonderful and I am a very lucky girl to have a sister in law (more like a sister) who I am also proud to call one of my best friends!...and little CJ is just my all time bestest little gal-pal in the while wide world.

    Oh and yes....the teeth are way cute aren't xxx


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