HMMM...WHAT HAVE I BEEN UP TO?....and a giveaway as well !!!!

Not a prim to be seen
but if on florals you are keen...
they're at the junction....
"Petticoat Junction"...

Lots of stuff I did sew
bags lined up in a row...
at the junction....
"Petticoat Junction"...

Come and be our guest
and you'll see all the rest
at the junction....
'Petticoat Junction"...

Oh yes I have set up a new store
with handmades and lots, lots more ...
at the junction
"Petticoat Junction"...

I've been dying to sing y'all that
Not as good as the original version....but fun at least (well for me anyways)..tee hee!

Yep....well that's what I've been up to over the last few weeks.
Had so much fun making those couple of bags up for mum for Christmas, that I decided I needed a new #3 was born (well it's actually #4  if you count the Chocoalate Crow Trader) and for those that know me...this is sooo out of my comfort zone it's hey challenges are good for the soul..... arent they?

So... I know I don't normally prattle on about my makings or advertise my stores etc in my posts, but for this once I am going to indulge and announce the grand opening of my new vintage and shabby chic wesite store...!!

Some of you may still be asking what it's called??? (even after my lovely singing)
It's of course called "THE PETTICOAT JUNCTION" and will be home to everything vintage and shabby including handmades, mercantiles (homewares) and collectables.

I have stocked the shelves with a basic lot so far but will be adding to my range over the upcoming months and as an opening special there will be a FREE Giveaway with every order (while stocks last)

Also...if you join my Mailing List you will go into the draw to win this great little gift pack, consisting of a pretty rose candle and face cloth set. Simply email me via the contact link on the website and I will pop you into the drawer, or alternatively you can leave a comment on this blog post and just type the word "mailout" and I will do the same!

So pop on over and have a squizz by hitting the link below

Thanks for your time ladies....till next time .....
Chris x


  1. Boy Chris, you sure are a gluton for punishment aren't you?
    Love your new website, it's very pretty.
    cheers Julz

  2. Hi Chris,
    Congratulations on your new website 'The Petticoat Junction!' The items are just gorgeous, as always, you are such a talented lady! :)
    Congrats again, and all the very best with your new venture! Hugs, Barb G x

  3. Wow, Chris, where do you find the time?! I just love all your websites and this one is fantastic as well. Congratulations Chris, you are a wonder woman and so so very talented. I love all the pretty things as well as prims so thanks for catering for all our tastes. Please add me to the mailing list as well. Thanks and well done. Love, WendyW XX

  4. Julz~ Thanks heaps Julie...youno what they say...something about eggs and a basket ??
    ...or was it something about a mad

    Either way I'll have fun whilst my sanity xx

    Barb~ Thanks once again for your lovely comments and your constant support xxx

    Wendy~ Thanks so much Wendy. But ...Me??...Wonder Woman...naahhhh...that'd be you wouldn't it?? have the right initials after all "WW" xxx

  5. My goodness, you are keen!! Beautiful website Chris, it certainly reflects your passion for your craft, well done and congratulations. Best wishes. Treann

  6. Thanks Treann....keen.....yes, smart????...well the jury is still out on that
    Thanks for your lovely comment, hugs , Chris x


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